Law Office Of Benjamin Garcia, PLLC

The Legal Professional You Can Trust

Benjamin Garcia is a trial attorney who practices law in the areas of family law, civil litigation, and criminal defense. Ben has significant experience in everything from custody cases to construction disputes and is ready to fight to protect his client’s rights. If a case cannot be resolved by agreement, Ben is always prepared to take a case all the way to trial and through appeal, if necessary. Ben is at home in the courtroom and has a proven track record of success. 

Ben has won favorable decisions for his clients from judges and juries alike, in matters ranging from medical malpractice to funeral home negligence, and from contract disputes to custody disputes. 

Ben has a reputation as a skilled advocate who knows how to win a case, ethically and professionally. He has won favorable decisions not only in West Texas, but in places as far away as El Paso and as high as the Texas Supreme Court.